There are a host of benefits men can experience through their
testosterone replacement therapy with very few, if any side

Many report they feel they get more enjoyment out of life,
having energy to spare, they can devote more quality time to
loved ones.  They say they feel healthier and look better and
are more confident. Others say they have more energy for their
favorite sports and are playing better than they have in years.  
There are even those that feel they have put their career on
the fast track with renewed enthusiasm.  And, of course, most
of the guys will tell you that they are enjoying the best sex they
can remember.

Of course, results do vary.  Testosterone replacement therapy
may not result in super human strength and the results
mentioned above may be different than yours.

Want to be sure you are at your best?  Call in to have your
testosterone level checked today, we'll run a complimentary
PSA screening as well.  

The compounded  bio-identical hormones mentioned above are not steroids.        
Dr. McClung does not recommend the use of steroids except in very specific
situations requiring such action due to their high level of negative side effects.