Week Four:      Own the Program
Week Four Daily Regimen:
Add 1,000 more steps daily for a total of 8,000
Side Lunge Reach (15 per leg alternate legs with each rep)
Push ups   Classic (3 sets of 8)
or modified (3 sets of 10)
The Plank (Perform 4 times holding 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest between each)
Angry Cat Stretch (3 reps)
Woodchopper Exercise (15 reps)
Cobra  (10 reps)
Squat (15 reps)
Squat Thrust (3 reps hold for 3 seconds)
Bridge (10 reps hold for 3 secs)
Each day this week take the following supplements:
One serving of Pycnogenol (80mg)             (Nutrametrix: OPC-3,  Item #13810)
One serving of
L-arginine (3gr)                    (Nutrametrix: Ultra Prime, Item #13887)
Two tablets of
Horny Goat Weed (500mg)* (Nutrametrix: Prime Time, Item #13126NM)
* with dinner
Two softgels of
Omega III                           (Nutrametrix: Heart Health, Item #13864)

Reorder reminder:  It's time to reorder your OPC-3

As always, Supplements available at McClung Clinic for immediate pick up.   
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Prescribed reading.  Excerpts from 'The Hardness Factor', by Steven Lamm, M.D.

The Viagra Factor
Resveratrol, The French Paradox
Peyronies Disease, Life's Curveball
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Week Four recipes from Chef Waldy
A few days this week, try waking up forty-five minutes earlier than usual and
going for a walk with a friend or your partner. Keep going to bed at 10:30 and
this new earlier time won’t be an issue. For those of you who have already
made great progress with the sexual fitness exercises, try to increase your
repetitions to the 10 to 15 range for each exercise. Don’t forget to take your
supplements. I keep mine on the kitchen table so I’m always reminded.
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